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Orders for services are accepted in good faith Satkar Infotech accepts no responsibility whatever regarding the bonafide or the contents appearing on the client's website.

Satkar Infotech endeavors to the render services as per best industry practices. However Satkar Infotech also reserves the right to decline, change or reschedule any service notwithstanding the acceptance of the order and payment for the save service.

Under no circumstances would Satkar Infotech be liable for any loss caused to any user for any error or omission by Satkar Infotech.

Satkar Infotech shall endeavor to renders its services without defects. However,if any defect is found genuine,these will be made good ,by free provision of the said service after rectification of the said mistake. The service buyer agrees not to claim any refund for any service containing alleged material defects.

All disputes and differences whatsoever arising out in relation to the contract or order of service,a billing correction there with or otherwise or breach there of shall reffered for resolution to a sole arbitrator,so appointed by Satkar Infotech at its sole discretion. The said Arbitration shall be conducted in terms of the Arbitration and Condition Act 1996 together with all statutory amendments made thereto. The Award made in pursuance thereof shall be final and binding on all the parties the seat and venue of Arbitration shall be subject to jurisdiction of the appropriate course of Pune.

The service buyer here by indemnifies and agrees to keep Satkar Infotech indemnified from any/all action,claims; cost incurred due to any litigation or any illegal activity or misuse of their website contects arising out of the services ordered by the said service buyer herein.

Period contract is not retroactive and are not automatically renewable.

Any Special ofer or price extended under a period contract is one the assumption that the contract will be fulfilled. Failing fulfillment, the service buyer will be debited the price prevailing on the date for the full service period as per order, notwithstanding any suspension of the service by Satkar Infotech during the contract period for not observing its credit terms or any other condition and accordingly.

Satkar Infotech reserves the right to ask for pre-payment and/or seek collateral security from any service buyer and/or to set credit limits.

Satkar Infotech shall at all times be entitled to add the charges, calculated according to the rates and payable by the service buyer, an amount equivalent to any tax which Satkar Infotech be called upon to pay in respect of any service hosted in pursuance of the service buyer.

Satkar Infotech is not bound by any terms or conditions imposed by service buyer, which are conflict with those stated herein or on the rate card.

Satkar Infotech reserves the right to reject all Order Forms which have not been properly and correctly filled in or where the amount tendered by the service buyer is not as per the prescribed rates.

In case of justified and accepted complaints, Satkar Infotech liability is restricted to maximum of the amount paid against the order. Satkar Infotech bears no liability for any consequential loss of business of the loss.

The conditions stated herein and any other condition stipulated by Satkar Infotech from time to time shall govern the acceptance and the provision of any service.

The service buyer hereby agrees and covenants to honour payment of all cheques issued against the order form as well as amounts standing due, payable and arising out of the service/transaction mentioned herein. The service buyer here by agrees not to dispute the right/unconditional standing instruction conferred here by them to Satkar Infotech to deposit/redeposit cheques at Satkar Infotech sole discretion at many times as may be required to recover the lawfully due amounts standing against the account of said service buyer.

The person signing the cheque agrees and accepts the full responsibility for honoring the cheque issued against this order from as his agent and agrees to be held liable for all criminal and civil liabilities arising out of dishonor of cheque.

Dishonor of any cheque or nonpayment within reasonable period shall result in automatic stop of the service at the sole discretion of Satkar Infotech. In addition and without prejudice the service buyer shall be liable to pay Rs. 500/- on every dishonor of cheque as well as the entire order from value, towards recovery of which Satkar Infotech reserves its right under the Negotiable instruments Act, 1881 as well as other applicable laws of india.

Notwithstanding anything mentioned herein above any/all delays in payment of the due amounts as per the pre-agreed payment option plan shall attract interest of 24%p.a, which the service buyer agrees to pay without raising any dispute.

In the event of any settlement of dispute caused due to non-payment of the order for value of towards the post dated cheque issued in lieu of the order from value, the service buyer agrees to pay the entire order from value standing as on the said date of settlement in addition to bearing and paying the entire legal coast calculated and fixed at Rs. 1,000/- for every legal notice issued demanding payment and an additional Rs. 5,000/- towards settlement of any suit/complaint/arbitration proceeding initiated and filed by Satkar Infotech for recovering the said dues.

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